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JMBS 2017, 2(7)
DOI: 10.26693/jmbs02.07
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JMBS 2017, Vol. 2, Issue 7

22 articles

Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Modern Technologies of Unit Commanders’ Methodical Competence Formation as to Carrying out Forms of Physical Training

Andreas A. 1, Romanchuk S.2 , Afonin V. 2, Lesko O. 2, Dunets-Lesko A. 3
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 5–10
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Possibilities of Nontraining Influence on Indicators of Functional Readiness of Medium Distance Runners

Golovashchenko R. V., Sharapa V. G., Azarov O. V.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 11–15
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Training Load Parameters Optimization in Power Fitness Based on Analysis of Biochemical Serum Control in Athletes

Dubachinsky O. V., Slavityak O. S., Minenko A. V., Dovgan A. V., Sokur Yu. V.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 16–22
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Theoretical Basis for the Formation of Technical Training of Athletes with the Help of Precise Movements Control

Klimenko Yu. S.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 23–26
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Individual-Typological Characteristics of Young Dancers with Different Success Levels

Korobeynikov G. V. 1, Myshko V. V. 2, Chernozub А. А. 3
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 27–30
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Psychophysilogical States of Boxers with Different Fighting Styles

Korobeynikov G. V. 1, Aksutin V. V. 1, Korobeynikova L. G. 1, Chernozub A. A. 2, Volskiy D. S. 1
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 31–36
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The Influence of Special Physical Training on the Servicemen-Operators’ Psychophysiological Qualities Level

Korchagin М. V. 1, Kubrakova S. M. 2, Olkhovyі O. M. 1
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 37–41
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Means for Restoring the Functional State of the Cardiovascular System of Qualified Basketball Players

Odynets T., Briskin Yu.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 42–46
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Physical Loadings of Servicemen in Modern Fight

Romanchuk S. 1, Roliuk O. 1, Vorontsov O. 2, Yavorskii A. 1
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 47–52
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Estimation Control Criteria of the Power Loads Adequacy to the Functional Abilities of People with Different Training Levels Going in for Power Fitness

Titova A. V., Bodnar A. I., Kurasa H. O., Konoplianyk O. V., Abramov K. V.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 53–59
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Mechanisms of the Power Fitness Training Process Optimization and Features of Adaptation-compensatory Reactions in Organisms of Young People Aged 20-21

Chernozub A. A., Grebeniuk O. Yu., Malneva A. Yu., Petrenko O. V., Tvelina A. A.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 60–68
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Increasing the Effectiveness of Training and Competitive Activities of Athletes Specializing in Hand-to-Hand Combat, Based Individual Psycho-Physiological Characteristics

Chernozub A. A., Kochina M. L., Chaban I. O., Adamovich R. H., Shtefiuk I. K.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 69–74
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Medical and biological aspects of training athletes

Hippotherapy in the System of Motor Stereotype Correction in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Bohdanovska N. V., Kalionova I. V., Pozmogova N. V.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 75–79
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Consideration of Peculiarities of the Menstrual Cycle in Athletes Engaged in Pankration

Bugaevsky K. A. 1, Zharska N. V. 2
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 80–85
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Psychological Characteristics of Perception of Athletes Specializing in Water Sports

Vysochina N. L.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 86–90
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Principles of Pharmacological Ergogenic Aids Usage in the Olympic Sport and the Requirements of Antidoping Legislation

Gunina L. М. 1, 2, Sheyko V. I. 2, Milashius Kazis 3
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 91–96
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Non-training Mechanisms for Stimulation of Special Operating Performance in Power Sports

Koniushock S. A.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 97–102
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Changes in Aerobic Productivity due to the Influence of Non-training Facilities on Representatives of Racetrack Exercises

Koceruba L. I. 1, Golovashchenko R. V. 1, Kuzmenko M. V. 2, Ryabina S. A. 1
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 103–107
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Medical Control in Physical Education of the Girls of School Aged with Attenuated Vision

Maryukhnich N. V.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 108–113
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Psychophysiological Characteristics of Qualified Fencers

Smyrnovskyy S.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 114–118
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Dynamics of the Psychophysiological State of Teenagers with Different Levels of Motor Activity

Tarovyk N. A. 1, Korobeynikov G. V. 1, Dudnik A. K. 1, Vrzhesnevskaya G. I. 2
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 119–125
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Features of the Morphofunctional State of the Organism and the Motivation Level for a Healthy Lifestyle of Students with Visual Impairment

Yarimbash K. S., Dorofeyeva O. E.
JMBS 2017, 2(7): 126–131
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