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JMBS 2017, 2(6)
DOI: 10.26693/jmbs02.06
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JMBS 2017, Vol. 2, Issue 6

39 articles

Experimental Medicine and Morphology

Toxic Hepatitis as a Factor of Changes in Local Immune Reactions in the Colon Mucous Membrane

Holovatyuk L. M., Bondarenko T. E., Kratko O. V.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 7–11
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Nephropathy Formation with Long-Term Using of Food Dyes Tartrazine (E102) in Experiment

Hubina-Vakulyck H. I., Gorbatch T. V., Denisenko S. A., Andreyev A. V.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 12–16
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Changes in Pancreas Histological Structure in Case of Alloxan Induced Hyperglycemia in Rats according to Age Aspect

Didenko I.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 17–20
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Dynamics of Indexes of White Blood Cells during Experimental Biliary Peritonitis

Znamerovskii S. G. 1, Savytskii I. V. 2, Lenyk R. G. 2, Belash O. V. 2, Tsypoviaz S. V. 2
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 21–25
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Thiotriazoline Influence on the Nitric Oxide Indicators under the Conditions of Experimental Bronchial Asthma

Kolishetska M.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 26–29
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Biological Modeling of Type I Diabetes Mellitus with Alloxane with Modified Chemical Properties

Ponyrko A. A., Teslyk T. P., Pernakov N. S.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 30–33
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Histochemical Evaluation of the Limited Proteolysis in Fibrinoid Placenta Processes during its Calcification Combined with the Iron Deficiency Anemia in Gravidas

Popovych A., Davydenko I., Davydenko O.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 34–37
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Morphological Features in the Parathyroid Gland in Rats Caused by Simulated Influence of Heavy Metal Salts

Romaniuk A. M., Tymakova O. O.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 38–40
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Experimental Study of Diabetes: Peculiarities of Simulation Techniques

Savitskii I. V., Sarahan V. M., Kuzmenko I. A., Yakymchuk N. V.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 41–45
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A.viridans Autosymbionts Influence on the Piglets’ Health

Stepansky D.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 46–49
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Clinical Medicine

Left Ventricular Remodeling Predictors in Patients with Obesity of Varying Severity

Andreieva I., Tokarenko O., Myrnyi D.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 50–55
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Efficiency and Safety of Bone Marrow Stem Cells for Androgen Deficiency Correction in Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Antonyan I. M. 1, Lеsovоy V. N. 2
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 56–62
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Risk Factors of Reсurrent Cardiovascular Events in Patients during Half-year after Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Presence of Obesity

Borovyk K. M.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 63–67
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Complex Heart Rate Control in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

Grechko S., Trefanenko I., Polishchuk O., Turubarova-Leunova N.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 68–70
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Comparative Evaluation of Conservative and Operative Techniques of Veno-Occlusive Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Kaziev S. G.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 71–75
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Results of the Analysis of the Structure and Dynamics of the Cataracts Incidence

Kovtun M. I. 1, Lapkina I. I. 2, Kochina M. L. 3
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 76–80
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Interference Patterns of the Eye Cornea with Different States of Oculomotor Muscles

Kovtun N. M.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 81–86
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Frequency of Duodenogastral Reflux Detection in Patients with Chronic Inactive Gastritis with Discinezia of Browning Ways

Korolenko N.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 87–89
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Correlation between the Types of Myoma and the Pathological Process

Magdenko A. K. 1, Savytskyi I. V. 2, Zelynskyi O. O. 2, Miastkivska I. V. 2, Hryhoriev P. Y. 3
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 90–95
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The Studing of Shear Stress and Endotelial Dysfunction in Young Patients with Spondylogenic Vertebro-Basilar Insufficiency

Nekrasova N. A.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 96–100
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Dynamics of Interleykin-1beta and Interleykin-6 Indicators in Hypertension Disease and Hypertension Disease with Accompanying Gastro-Zofageal Reflux Disease in Liquidators of Chernobyl Catastrophe

Synel’nyk V. P.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 101–106
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Clinical-Laboratory and Echocardiographic Indicators in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure and Anemic Syndrome

Filipyuk A., Zenin V.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 107–110
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Comparative Evaluation of Therapeutic Hypothermia Effectiveness in the Intensive Care of Brain Severe Injury

Tsarev A.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 111–115
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Modern Approaches to the Treatment of Acute Bronchitis in Children

Iakovenko N., Bezkaravainiy B., Hryschenko G., Nuzhna O.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 116–119
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Evaluation of Myocardium Contractile Function and Systemic Inflammatory Response Indices in Hypertensive Disease in Combination with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in the Process of Treatment

Yatsenko O.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 120–124
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Medical rehabilitation

Medical Rehabilitation Role in the Treatment of Patients with Musculoskeletal System Pathology

Malik N.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 125–128
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Evaluating Efficiency of Sanatorium and Resort Rehabilitation Repeated Courses for Children in the Period of Oncological Diseases Remission

Shapovalova H. A.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 129–131
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Main Vectors of Medical Rehabilitation in Diaphyseal Fractures Treatment

Shimon V., Shereghy A., Pushkash I., Stoyka V.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 132–135
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The Antimicrobial Activity of Antiseptics on Clinical Strains of Microorganisms Contaminating Military Wounds of Limbs

Kondratiuk V.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 136–140
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Social medicine and organization of health care

Study of Risk Factors for the Preterm Infants Birth on the Example of Sumy Region

Rudyshyn S. D., Dokukina S. V., Lutsenko O.I.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 141–144
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Medical, Social and Clinical Predictors of Herpes Simplex Virus-Associated Multiform Erythema

Schneider S. A., Denisova M. T., Savvova A. O.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 145–149
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Efficacy of the Vitamin D3 in the Treatment of Generalized Periodontitis, Associated with Combined Endocrinological Pathology: Immunological Aspect

Antonenko M. Yu., Komissarenko Yu. I., Maliy D. Yu., Zelinska N. А., Znachkova O. А.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 150–156
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The Prevalence of Secondary Dental Deformations in the Age Aspect and their Features

Doroshenko S. I., Fedorova O. V., Irkha S. V., Hermanchuk S. M.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 157–163
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View of a problem

Convergence Insufficiency among Schoolchildren of 1-4 Grades and its Importance for Optimizing the Pedagogical Process in Junior School

Vdovychenko O. 1, Kadoshnikova I. 1, Plyska O. 1, Shkrobanets I. 2, Lazoryshynets V. 2
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 164–170
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Medicine. Reviews

Laser Light Application In Medicine

Biryukova T., Olar O.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 171–174
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Humanitarian issues of medicine and problem of teaching at the higher school

Organization of Intern-Doctors’ Training in the Therapeutic Dentistry Department

Romaniuta I. A.1, Samoilenko I. I.2, Nazarova D. I.2, Hryhorenko L. V.1, Shevchenko I. V.1
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 175–177
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Cellular Structure Dynamics of the Hypophysically-Adrenal System of White Mice in Stressed Condition

Коzij M., Grichenko G., Silenko A.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 178–182
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Morphogenetic Peculiarities of Plumbum Acetate Isolated and Combined with Argentum Citrate Effects Formation and its Influence on Rat’s Placenta Development

Maior V., Shatorna V., Haretz V., Kononova I.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 183–187
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Functional Abilities of Young Men Aged 17-21 According to the Data of Variable Loading Test

Topchii M. S., Bosenco A. I., Orlyk N. A.
JMBS 2017, 2(6): 188–195
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