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JMBS 2017, 2(2)
DOI: 10.26693/jmbs02.02
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JMBS 2017, Vol. 2, Issue 2

43 articles

Experimental Medicine

Animal Hormonal Status Changes in Androgen Deficiency (AD) Settings under Influence of Stem Cells Syngeneic Culture. Cellular Tracking and Fluorescence Imaging ex vivo/in vivo

Antonyan I. М.1, Omelchenko O. A.2, Zabirnik A. S.2
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 7–15
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Prooxidant-Antioxidant Status of Dental Pulp and Lining of Oral Cavity of Rats with Experimental Iodine Deficiency and Insuline Resistance

Huranych S. P., Voronych-Semchenko N. M., Huranych T. V.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 16–20
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Cytokines and C-Reactive Protein-Trigger of Imbalance of the Hemostasis System during Inflammation

Karmazina Irina, Al-Rihani Hady
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 21–25
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The Role of Disorders of Metabolism of Nitric Oxide for Pathogenesis of Experimental Bronchial Asthma

Kolishetska M. A., Regeda M. S.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 26–30
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Effect of Functional Exertion on Mandibular Alveolar Bone Structure and Quality of Young People

Kukhlevskyi Yu. I.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 31–37
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Fractal Analysis of White Matter of The Human Cerebellum Hemispheres

Maryenko N. I., Stepanenko A. Yu.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 38–43
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The Use of Differential Diagnostics of Skin Development of Bartonellosis (Peru Wart) in Modern Clinical and Lab Practice

Pokhyl S. I.1, Torianyk I. I.1, Tymchenko O. M.1, Chyhyrinska N. A.1, Kostyria I. A.1, Kruhlova T. A.1, Danylchenko S. I.2
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 44–48
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Peculiarities of Lungs Mass of Immature Rats by Inhalation of Toluene

Rykova Yu. A., Shuper V. A.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 49–53
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Role of NO-Synthase and Arginase in Mechanisms of Oxidative / Nitrative Stress in Skin of Rats under Excessive Sodium Nitrate Intake

Khmil’ D. O., Mishchenko A. V., Kostenko V. O.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 54–59
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Clinical Medicine

Intersystemic Psycological Peculiarities in Process of Adaptation to Education of Students of Kharkiv National Medical University

Bausova О. B., Vlasenko O. B., Trach О. О.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 60–65
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Changes of State of Cardio-Vascular System in People with Different Levels of Meteosensitivity

Vaschuk N. A., Prudenko M. U., Hloba N. S., Kurbel A. A.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 66–70
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Eating Disorders in Young Women

Isaeva I. N.1, Makarova E. M.2, Litovchenko K. V.1, Voronova D. I.1
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 71–74
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Peculiarities of Interferential Pictures of Eyes at Horizontal Heterotropy

Kochina M. L., Demin Yu. A., Kovtun N. M.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 75–81
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Contrast and Sensory Peculiarities of Visual System in Children of Different Age

Maslova N. M.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 82–86
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Features of Adaptation of Cardiohemodynamics Indices of Medical Students to Physical Exertion

Pandikidis N. I.1, Zhubrikova L. A.1, Kolesnikova O. V.2
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 87–93
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Assessment of the Physiological State of the Blood Components using the Method of Registration of a Discharge Luminescence

Pesotskaya L.1, Glukhova H.2, Lakiza T.1, Simonova T.1, Pisarevskaya O.1
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 94–101
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The Characteristics of Gas-Discharge Glow of a Liquid from the Achilles Tendon and Changes of Individual Components in the late Postmortem Period

Povstyanyi V. A.1, Pesotskaya L. A.1, Glukhova N. V.2, Yevdokimenko N. M.3
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 102–108
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Changes of Indicators of Serotoninergic and Nitroxidergic Systems at the Stages of Development of the General Adaptation Syndrome in Patients with Ischemic Stroke

Serikov K.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 109–112
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Psycho-physiological Peculiarities of Adaptation to Electromagnetic Radiation of Radiofrequency Wave Band in People with Different Types of Autonomic Regulation

Sokol E. N.1, Kovalyov M. M.1, Hloba A. A.2, Zlenko V. V.1
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 113–117
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Adaptation of People with Different Meteosensitivity Levels to Physical Exertion

Somkina E. A., Chesnakova D. D., Hloba N. S., Vaschuk N. A.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 118–121
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Research of Intersystem Integration in Process of Adaptation to Psycho-Emotinal Stress in Conditions of Physical Exertion

Chernobay L. V.1, Makarova K. M.2
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 122–127
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Allergic Rhinitis and Quality of Life in Patients with Bronchial Asthma

Cherniakova A. E., Ospanova T. S., Karmazina I. S.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 128–132
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Influence of Mild Iodine Deficiency and Latent Iron Deficiency on the Type of Reaction of Cardiovascular System in Physical Activity

Shalamay U. P., Voronych-Semchenko N. M.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 133–137
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Features of Clinical Pictures of the Mouth and Psychological Mutations in Patients of Geriatric Age with Complete Lack of Teeth with Complex Clinical Conditions for Prosthetics

Vatamaniuk M. M.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 138–142
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Metabolic and Structural Basis of Changes in the Functional Activity of Periodontal Tissues in the Development of Generalized Periodontitis in Young Adults

Revych V. A., Antonenko M. Yu.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 143–148
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Sports and labour Physiology

The Ways of Improving the Psychophysiological Selection and Monitoring of Professionally Important Qualities of Operators

Kalnysh V. V.1,2, Pashkovsky S. М.1, Stasyshyn R. O.2
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 149–160
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Medicine. Reviews

Antiphospholipid Syndrome: Clinical Features and Genetics of Thrombotic Manifestations

Vasylyev D. V.1, Chernobay L. V.2, Vasylieva O. V.2
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 161–167
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The Importance of Breathing Exercises during Physical Rehabilitation for People with Hearing Disorder

Karpukhina Yu.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 168–171
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To the Issue of the Role Toxoplasma gondii in the Development of Schizophrenia

Lytvynov V. S.1, Mischenko V. S.1, Mischenko M. M.2, Lytvynova O. M.3
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 172–176
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Study of Ability of Plastic Motor of Cerebral Cortex in Patients after Stroke (Literature Review)

Potiy D. A., Tatarko S. V., Snehyr A. H., Prokopenko A. A., Lyman L. A.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 177–184
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Morphofunctional Features of Apoptosis, Issues and Perspectives of Apoptosis Usage in Modern Medicine

Khlamanova L. I., Severylova M. D., Tkachenko Yu. V.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 185–192
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Influence of Recombinant Interferon Alfa on Electric Activity and Isolated Heart Metabolism

Beschasnyi S. P.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 193–199
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The Use of “Tribulus Terrestris” in Health Improvement and Physical Development

Hodlevskyi P. M.1, Pinchuk V. F.2
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 200–203
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The Impact of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program on the Level of Adaptive Pressure of Children with Scoliosis of 7–16 Years Old

Dychko Е. A.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 204–208
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The effect of sperm DNA fragmentation on the development of embryos in assisted reproductive technologies

Zhylkova I.1, Feskov V.1, Somova O.1, Feskov O.1, Fedota O.2
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 209–213
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Age Peculiarities of the Writing Speed of Children with Different Formation Level of Graphomotor Skills

Zavadska M. M.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 214–218
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The Effect of Vanadium Citrate on the Metabolism of Proteins in Rats’ Blood with Alloxan-Induced Diabetes Mellitus

Klymets H. V., Iskra R. Ja.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 219–222
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Characteristics and Theoretical Foundations of Methods to Analyze Heart Rate Variability

Kovalenko S. O.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 223–233
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Cryopreservation of Cord Blood Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells in Cryoprotective Media Containing Various Concentrations of DMSO and Antioxidants

Makashova O. Ye., Zubova O. L., Zubov P. M., Mihunova R. K., Babiichuk L. A.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 234–238
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Transport of Water and Electrolytes through Epithelium of Colon and Expression CFTCR of Canals in Rats after 28-day Intake of Omeprazole

Pylypenko S.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 239–245
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Physical Development of Offspring Rats which were Born during Chronic Tobacco Intoxication of their Parents

Tkachenko V. M.1, Komisova T. Ye.2
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 246–251
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Growth and Development of Female F0 and Male F1 Rats and Metabolic Processes in their Blood under the Influence of Citric Acid

Khrabko M. I.1, Tesarivska U. I.2, Dolaichuk O. P.1, Tsap M. M.1, Farion O. V.2
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 252–257
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Morphological Changes of Erythrocytes of Pregnant Women of Different Trimesters

Shkuropat A. V.
JMBS 2017, 2(2): 258–261
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